Engage with nature, customers can experience, relax, entertain as well as play golf aside perfect tranquil river - Dong Nai river.

Golf Architect : Ronald W. Fream

(Golf Plan Company, USA)
Taekwang Jeongsan Country Club generally holds construction theories of combining artistic and scientific taste and we have expressed this by including nature and philosophy in it.

With the special name that it has called “the marvelous island”, I have created my greatest masterpiece as it is aimed to provide respect for nature, and for the golfers who live within nature to find peace within the location.

By creating an adequate fairway with appropriate curves and pot bunkers which collaborate well with modern bunkers, it adds strategies to establishing a golf course which reminds golfers of eco-friendly Scottish golf course, Moreover, in hopes of providing golf which adds exciting adventure, we can ensure that you will experience the real fun of golfing.