Golf Course

Engage with nature, customers can experience, relax, entertain as well as play golf aside perfect tranquil river - Dong Nai river.

Site Area 785,197m2
Scale 18 Hole, Par 72, Length: 7,295 yd


From Hole 1 ~ Hole 9 | Length 3,558yd, Par 36
Customers can feel the man's humility toward nature or under the sunshine. Golf course is maintained the intact primitive shape as gift from nature gift, where golf people are met. It is the golf course that players can experience the elegance, harmony with nature.


From Hole 10 ~ Hole 18 | Length 3,737yd, Par 36
The warmly is either attracted or warm as gentle moon, make people touched, shoting towards Dong Nai river contain challenge together with adventure will bring you the best enjoyment peak.